Rock on the Range: Field Guide

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Of Mice & Men is on the Sunday, May 18 slate at Rock on the Range.

After years of trying and failing, The Beat's crack staff has given up trying to determine exactly what part of Crew Stadium or central Ohio is considered "the range," and has instead developed a new method by which we hope to assist patrons of the three-day rock festival known as Rock on the Range.

The annual festival will be held May 16-18 at Crew Stadium. Daily general admission passes are $69.50. Visit

Each year, our preview lists a host of bands that still falls well short of a full listing. You're familiar with many of these bands (Avenged Sevenfold, Guns N' Roses, Slayer, Kid Rock), and may have already purchased tickets with them in mind. But then there's a whole bunch of which you haven't heard, or about which you know little.

That's where we -- and our helpful friends in the music public relations game -- come in.

Please find below a still-partial list of participants, followed by the description provided to The Beat by the band's publicity machine. Then visit and check the schedule for the act whose descriptor most interests you.

The Pretty Reckless -- "chaos-loving hard rock band fronted by Taylor Momsen"

Five Finger Death Punch -- "uncompromising musical intensity and razor-sharp lyrics"

Kyng -- "forging thunderous percussion to lightning-hot riffs driven by a divine vocal howl"

Adelitas Way -- "blend lead-heavy riffs, thunderous drums, haunting guitar tones and stirring vocals"

Truckfighters -- "high-voltage Swedish power-rock trio resurrects the spirit of the decibel-heavy '70s"

Exodus -- "epitomize, define, raise the bar and have the (thrash metal) genre on lockdown"

Crobot -- "dirty groove-rockers will make you want to bang your head and shake your ... "

Of Mice & Men -- "pummeling, passionate and powerful anthems that teeter between searing screams and magnetic melodies"

Nothing More -- "raucous blend of chunky riffs and unrestrained, fist-in-the-air glory"

Redlight King -- "songs razor-sharp, full of angst and rebellion but always with a hint of redemption"

Miss May I -- "resounding underground success beyond the metalcore world they grew up in"

Righteous Vendetta (winner of the Ernie Ball Battle of the Bands, earning them a RotR slot) -- "armed with a melodic, infectious sound and a habit of hitting venues across the nation hard, fast and often"