First Draft columnist Collin Castore says the beer has enough bitterness to please hopheads but leaves room for a few pints.

The term "session beer" has entered the lexicon of craft-brew enthusiasts and few options are better than Founders' All Day IPA.

Session, as it applies to beer, began as a reaction to big and bold higher alcohol IPAs that have become popular over the last few years.

While the taste of these big beers is great, and at certain times the alcohol by volume can be pleasing, too, a lot of craft beer fans have begun to want the flavor of big beer without the strong alcohol punch.

It was in this environment that the session IPA was born.

Founders, based in Grand Rapids, Mich., has done a particularly good job of taking the craftsmanship and consistency it exhibits in its award-winning Centennial IPA and putting it to use in the All Day IPA.

All Day has big hops and clean, crisp malt yet still rings in at less than 5 percent alcohol by volume. On the palate it has just the right blend of pine and citrus in the hop aroma. The amber malt body does not cling to the mouth yet still feels pleasantly full and round. It has enough bitterness to please most avid hopheads but still leaves room for a few pints without a nap in between.

Founders All Day is widely available in six-packs ($10.99) and recently has been offered in 12 packs ($19.99) as well.

* * *

Collin Castore is a founding partner of Bodega, Barrel & Bottle and Seventh Son Brewing Co.