The Cayuga Cruiser has a healthy lemony character and a unique tart finish, says First Draft columnist Collin Castore.

There will undoubtedly be a few dog days in August and will require a thirst-quenching brew.

I recently happened upon the Cayuga Cruiser, a Berliner Weisse from Ithaca Brewing Co. in New York that fit the bill perfectly.

As the name suggests Berliner Weisse was developed in Northern Germany around the 16th century. This style had all but disappeared except for a handful of home-brewers around the U.S. and a couple of classic German breweries until recently.

The beer ($9.99 a six-pack) is a straw, hazy-white color owing to the use of malted barley, but also a large proportion of wheat in the malt bill. The wheat smoothes out the mouthfeel and lends a refreshing drinkability. Additionally some sour mash techniques during the brewing lend a healthy dose lemony character and a unique tart finish.

Ithaca's version was brewed originally for the 2014 Savor: American Craft Beer & Food Experience. As such, it is a great food-pairing beer, going well with salads and lighter fare, such as grilled mahi mahi tacos with a lime salsa.

It's available in stores and carry-outs with wider selections of beer.

* * *

Collin Castore is a founding partner of Bodega, Barrel & Bottle and Seventh Son Brewing Co.