Which area of Franklin County has the hottest real estate market right now? How much did that house sell for down the street? How much are homes in your community compared to homes across town?

Which area of Franklin County has the hottest real estate market right now? How much did that house sell for down the street? How much are homes in your community compared to homes across town?

You'll find the answers to those questions in ThisWeek's exclusive Top 100 Real Estate Deals This Week. This list picks out 100 of the area's home and condominium transactions for a given week. All sales occurred within the ThisWeek circulation area.

Listed here is the address of the property sold, the buyer's name and the sale price for the week of 08/14/14. All information is provided by CompuName of Westerville.


3551 Babbitt Rd; Susan Norris, Matthew Potter; $270,000.

2825 Cordella St; Sara D. Hummel, Glen L. Taylor; $247,550.

1565 Morrison Farms Dr; Robin E. Kemp; $227,250.


7076 Calabria Pl; Gustav Witthoft, Velani Witthoft; $790,000.

4072 Wyandotte Woods Blvd; Brian J. Alder, Cathleen M. Alder; $424,947.

4119 Wyandotte Woods Blvd; Krishna Kunapuli, Lalitha Parameswari Kunapuli; $337,082.

6504 Brodie Blvd; Randy D. Harpster, Jennifer Harpster; $627,000.

5033 Winchell Ct; Nagesh Chopra, Judith Marton; $509,000.

5528 Caplestone Ln; Ashley E. Rosko, Joshua J. Rosko; $399,000.

9353 Traceyton Dr; Mohammed Abu Ayshi, Katherine M. Ayshi; $388,000.


5983 Hampton Corners S; Jonathan P. Way, Dena N. Way; $350,000.

6223 Polland Place Dr; Dennis A. Bowers; $281,000.

3799 Braidwood Dr; Nicholas E. Dixon, Andrea E. Dixon; $270,000.

5753 Middleby Dr; Samuel J. Clum, II, Emily C. Clum; $242,500.

3281 Darby Glen Ct; Eric Ardo, Suzanne Ardo; $224,000.

Lewis Center

3216 Artic Ave; Brendon Ray Kronewetter, Heather N. Kronemetter; $344,400.

2004 Alum Village Dr; Marci Maher, Robert Maher; $343,200.

4441 McNamara Pl; Jeffrey A. Euton, Jennifer L. Euton; $315,000.

1990 Marigold St; Chad R. Diehl, Sujeiry Mejia; $311,000.

2148 Pleasant Colony Dr; Aari K. Sunkarsa; $282,000.

New Albany

4065 Holkham; Michael Meade, Carmela A. Meade; $649,000.

9270 Pamplin Way; Adam R. Robertson; $514,470.

7202 New Albany Links Dr; Mark Helsel, Angelina Helsel; $499,900.

1323 Lindenwald Dr; Jeffrey D. Ellerbrock, Kimberly R. Ellerbrock; $317,500.

Plain City

9615 Arrowwood Dr; Gopi Guthikonda; $415,000.

10360 Pagoda Way; Michael Hammond; $410,411.

10195 Brock Rd; Wei Wang; $359,000.


8024 Coldwater Dr; David W. Ripple, Julie A. Ripple; $660,000.

270 Valley Run Place; Robert D. Mace; $650,000.

5395 Stockton Court; Christina T. Ficeto, Nicholas A. Ficeto; $540,000.

3880 Blue Water Court; Richard C. Rudek, Jennifer Rudek; $513,500.

9029 Esin Court; Shawn W. Elsrod, Laura L. Elsrod; $430,000.

6930 Cook Rd; Alan Burke, Barbara Burke; $415,000.

6957 Scioto Chase Blvd; William Z. Hendrix, Jennifer Hendrix; $372,000.

287 Balsamine Dr; Lori A. Payne; $365,983.

2524 Pimlico Ct; Gosta G. Poldemann, Jill S. Poldemann; $327,000.

4998 Glenmeir Court; David P. Ford, Darla J. Ford; $322,800.


260 Endora St; Deo N. Pokhrel, Ganga D. Pokhrel; $164,672.

230 Endora St; Bhagawat Pokhrel, Bishnu M. Pokhrel; $164,322.

422 Knob Ave; Brian Roberts; $150,000.


8403 Manitou Dr; Jason A. Horvath; $290,000.

5706 Silver Frost Dr; Harris T. Silverman, Sherie A. Silverman; $243,606.

5939 Fultonham Dr; Reginald Williams; $223,500.

8601 Button Bush Ln; Ronald A. Fresco, Leslie A. Fresco; $500,000.

5601 Medallion Dr West; James M. Lawlor, Susan R. Lawlor; $480,000.

659 Surf Court; Kirk D. Buckham, Kathryn Buckham; $460,000.

7559 Adcock Rd; Ryan Sevey, Leah Bloom; $450,000.


267 Highgate Ave; Stephen Min, Sarah Min; $465,000.

484 Longfellow Ave; Peter Stanich, Jennifer Eileen Stanich; $417,000.

111 W Clearview Ave; Amy E. Fulton, Scott C. Fulton; $362,000.

150 W England Ave; Patrick Rogers, Kathleen Rogers; $353,800.

Canal Winchester

8870 Hickory View St NW; Anthony J. Makris; $268,000.

357 Cherokee Dr; Ruth Alice Saylor, Tr; $232,500.

7614 Maple Trunk Dr; Dondia Steele, Larry Steele; $183,365.


301 Ravensdale Pl; Bradley S. Rizor; $193,137.

377 Lilyfield Ln; Michele D. Aluoch, Theodore O. Aluoch; $185,000.

742 Prairie Rd; Brandon Nicholas Fleming; $176,300.

Grove City

5336 Norton Rd; Scott Rattan, Michelle Rattan; $300,000.

1214 Carnoustie Circle; Harold L. Williams; $297,000.

5000 Rheims Way; Timothy D. Newell, Tina M. Newell; $260,000.

2085 Big Run Rd; Wayne G. Dennis; $235,000.

4355 Orangeberry Dr; Kimberly G. Phillips; $226,450.

4444 N Newport Loop; Richard C. Rutherford, Ruby L. Rutherford; $224,000.


5630 Nutmeg Dr; Heriberto Chacon, Jr., Sonia E. Rodriguez; $203,346.

5783 Little Red Rover St; Roger N. Spring, Debra L. Spring, Trustees; $168,058.

5407 Prater Dr; Laura L. Soltis; $137,500.


13422 Needham Pl NW; Christopher J. Uhl; $355,000.

354 Blue Jacket Circle; Grant R Rosen, Lori Rosen; $345,000.

11269 Hampton Dr NW; Mark D. Evers, Erica A. Mohre; $330,000.

9420 Haaf Farm Dr NW; Karol Bowers; $305,000.

Clintonville/North University

109 E Tulane Rd; Matthew Hall, Abigail Hall; $249,000.

382 E Tulane Rd; Arnold A. Barzak, III; $209,000.

German Village

554 Grant Ave; Kara H. Herrnstein, David J. Boylan; $340,850.

313 E Kossuth St; Peter C. Koumas; $225,000.

Bexley/E. Columbus

429 Westland Ave; Jeffrey D. Meyer, Tr; $710,000.

433 N Drexel Ave; Kenneth J. Marshall, Mia A. Marshall; $701,500.

2754 Bexley Park Rd; Mark Mitchell, Emily Mitchell; $439,500.


1977 Cardington Ave; Jon P. Fishpaw, Michelle R. Fishpaw; $490,000.

1870 Northwest Blvd; James E. Taylor, Jane L. Taylor; $157,000.

Whitehall/E. Columbus

337 Giovanna Ave; Momodou Jallow, Adama Jallow; $167,000.

510 Whitehall Dr; Marques D. Chitison, Shellena Chitison; $124,000.


655 Overbrook Dr; Donna Newman; $545,000.

111 Aldrich Rd; Adam P. Pleister, Kacy A. Botkin; $311,575.

98 Montrose Way; Michael D. Graziani, Traci C. Graziani; $309,000.

Arlington/NW Columbus (N. of Fishinger)

2257 Atlee Ct; Jaclyn A. Dight; $380,000.

3895 Chevington Dr; Christopher M. Vitagliano, Erin K. Vitagliano; $318,000.

Upper Arlington

2480 Coventry Rd; Christopher T. Cramer; $1,135,000.

2724 Andover Rd; James S. Blachly, Melissa K. Blachly; $400,000.

1781 Hove Rd; Jeremie A. Walker; $369,000.

Northland (S. of Morse)

3237 Abingdon Dr; Nathaniel C. Mayer; $108,000.

Far East Side (N. of Refugee)

1178 S Weyant Ave; Sheila D. Williams, Kevin W. Williams; $120,000.

Northland (N. of Morse)

2337 Green Apple Ave; Ofelia L. Espindola, Jose L. Rodriguez; $134,500.

2154 E Teakwood Dr; Sheron D. Prather; $128,000.


125 Walnut Woods Ct; Sharon Maul, David Maul; $404,800.

5249 Strathshire Pl; George D. Hitler, III, Crisanne L. Hitler; $357,896.

433 Kasons Way; Justin M. Korn, Courtney D. Hagerty; $352,000.

610 Stratshire Ln; David H. Wilcox, Susan S. Wilcox; $300,665.

78 Mill St; Peter E. Tencza; $270,000.

Northland/Minerva Park

2769 Wildwood Rd; Lora J. Dewhurst; $164,000.

Far East Side (S. of Refugee)

3318 Yozuri Dr; Travis E. Greene, Rita A. Greene; $120,000.

Worthington West

109 Lake Bluff Dr; Elizabeth Catherine Eberbach; $769,000.

1424 Linbrook Ct; Andrew L. Orlins, Jennifer K. Orlins; $370,000.