Yellow Cab of Columbus cameras help in fight against crime


Columbus has a wave of new crime fighters armed with cameras and the power of observation.

Yellow Cab of Columbus, with the blessing of Columbus police and the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office, has launched Taxis on Patrol, or TOP, a so-called block watch on wheels that puts additional eyes and ears on the streets 24 hours a day.

Over the next several months, each of Yellow Cab’s taxis will be outfitted with cameras that could help catch criminals in the act. One camera is positioned to look out over the hood of the vehicle, and the other focuses on passengers. If cabbies suspect a crime, they are instructed to push a button on the equipment to indicate that segment of video could contain vital footage. The cabs themselves do not store video. Rather, the footage is transmitted to dispatching headquarters.

Meanwhile, cabbies are being trained via a one-hour video on how to accurately report a crime in progress.

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