Today my daughter got to talk to an astronaut in space!

To the editor:

Today my daughter got to talk to an astronaut in space!

I think I speak for the Wickliffe Progressive School community in expressing my deepest thanks to those who made this experience possible for our students.

To the administrators, teachers and parents, who worked so hard planning, organizing and executing the live feed and all the education leading up to it, thank you. To Ed Orazen, who helped bring this opportunity to our children, thank you. To Suni Williams, the astronaut who so delightfully captivated the children by doing back flips in zero gravity and explaining space station life in an engaging way, thank you.

And to the students who not only asked thoughtful questions but also, as a school, showed the utmost class and respect for the coolness of the experience, thank you.

Thank you to all who help make learning what it can and should be. Tonight we waved to Suni as the space station crossed the night sky, and as I tucked my daughter into bed she said, "My questions are just brimming over!"

Jill Ann Bixel
Upper Arlington