Central Ohio

New year has bright prospects thanks to the work of many

To the editor:

My name is Mike Collins and I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Ohio's educators, students and parents on ushering in the beginning of another school year and all the success that they will achieve both in and outside the classroom.

As a parent, I cannot emphasize how thankful I am for the amazing job that Ohio's educators have done to help students reach their maximum potential. For instance, the education that my three children received from attending public schools not only prepared them for the academic rigors of higher education, but also helped them become civic-minded citizens who make a positive impact on the community. What is amazing to think about is that there are countless other stories of educators who have devoted their knowledge, time, and energy to successfully helping their students become well-informed and productive members of society.

In addition to educators, parents also deserve praise. They are responsible for many important things such as teaching students the difference between what is right and wrong; preparing their meals so that they won't go hungry; making sure that they are not late to school or any extracurricular event; and being a shoulder to lean on when times are difficult for them. Parents provide students support that no other group can provide them and it is an essential ingredient to their overall success.

Finally, students deserve to be recognized as well. Their hard work, willingness to try despite any difficulties that may arise and their openness to the guidance of educators and parents makes up another crucial component to their successful transformation into well-informed citizens.

If you are an educator, student, or parent, please give yourself a pat on the back. Go celebrate your accomplishments. You deserve it. A new school year is upon us and now is your time to make a positive difference in your lives and the lives of others. Now is the time to make use of your gifts and opportunities.

Mike Collins
State Board of Education
District 9 member,
Running for Re-Election in District 6