Parental involvement in education is critical to students' success

To the editor:

Being an active participant in your children's education can have a profound impact on their educational achievement. In predicting student success, dedicated parental involvement can be more significant than teacher quality or dollars spent per student.

Most school administrators and teachers will tell you that active and engaged parental participation can make a huge difference in student achievement. Children won't value education unless their parents first value education and make learning a priority. How closely do you follow your kid's class work? Do you regularly attend parent-teacher conferences?

Higher performing students learn the good habits of perseverance, self-reliance, thoroughness and responsibility at an early age. What are the "learning" habits of your child? Do your children go to school to "receive an education" or to "pursue an education?" There's a big difference.

Once again this year, students have an opportunity for a great education in the Hilliard City Schools as students of all backgrounds regularly perform at high levels of achievement. For those students who do not, the challenge is about to get even more difficult.

What most parents don't realize is that major changes to Ohio's current K-12 education system have just begun and the academic expectations on our students and schools are about to be significantly raised. In preparation to meet this higher standard of college and career readiness by 2014, much more will be soon asked of our district students, teachers and administrators.

To meet these new challenges, dedicated parent involvement in their children's education will become more important than ever for many students. If you have not already, will you commit to making your children's education a high priority this year and beyond?

Steve Bennett