Trustee's proposal to trim fire department raises questions

To the editor:

I was amused to read trustee Melanie Leneghan's proposal for a leaner,"fat-free" fire department for Liberty Township. Let me ask a few questions:

* Is she aware of the qualifications and experience needed to be a reliable firefighter-paramedic?

* Has she consulted some reputable employment/recruiting agencies to find out what an experienced and reliable paramedic's normal salary requirements are?

* If she was involved in an emergency, would she like to be in the hands of a $32,000-earning "paramedic" even if one can be hired?

Yes, I admire Ms. Leneghan's zeal in saving the taxpayers' money. But isn't it the duty of a public servant to do her homework before putting forth any proposal?

It is absolutely essential to have an efficient and well-staffed fire department. Liberty Township residents should be ready to support it.

Manu Bhatt