Upper Arlington

Drivers: Be aware of others on roads

To the editor:

In the ThisWeek Upper Arlington News on Sept. 6 was a letter addressing car safety near schools. I hope all drivers in our community take heed.

I headed out for a morning bike ride on my blue and white flowered cruiser bike, wearing my blue and white flowered helmet and a red T-shirt -- hardly blending in! Since March of this year, I have ridden 687 miles and last season, 1,987 miles. I am 70 years old and ride my bike to remain an active, healthy senior. I follow the rules of the road.

And then it happened. Again.

An adult driving a big, big car coasted through a stop sign, headed right for me. I yelled, sped up and got out of the path of the car. The driver didn't even glance my way. I ride my bike very defensively because I have many times dodged a car that has rolled through a stop sign.

Stop signs mean STOP and look both ways. I am asking that all drivers obey the rules of the road. Watch out for bikers, cars and walkers at intersections. There is still plenty of beautiful weather for adults and children to enjoy the great outdoors through biking and walking.

Bonnie L. Bishop
Upper Arlington