'Efficiency' debate begs more questions about fire operations

To the editor:

I've been reading accounts of debates by Liberty Township trustees regarding efficiency of our fire and EMS services. Efficiency is a measure of input and output. What is missing in the discussion is a tally or report of the actual calls to which each of the services responds.

How many fire runs occur? And what is the nature of those runs? Working building fires, false alarms, car fires, possible toxic spills, time expended on each run, etc.? These fire runs are the output of the service and represent the real output, not the potential output.

Without knowing what the output is, or, statistically, is likely to be, we can't really judge whether we are over- or understaffed.

Same goes for EMS runs. Cardiac arrest? Auto accident with injury? False alarm? Minor cuts or abrasions?

Not every emergency run is serious event, but some are. It's the real serious events that our crews need to be ready and available to handle. I'd like to see the data on the number and nature of our fire and EMS calls before I ponder a vote on the new property tax.

Tom Bay