I'm proof of our top-notch EMS

To the editor:

If it were not for the high quality of our Liberty Township EMS team members in 1993, I would not be here today.

Because of the high quality of our EMS medics, I survived a severe heart attack caused by a blood clot in 1993.

Not only were my wife, Margie, and her daughter, Deborah, away for a short vacation at the time of my heart attack, but the construction of our new home in Powell was nearly completed. I had taken this opportunity to visit our new home site to work on some construction-site clean-up. In the process of pulling a 4-foot-long piece of three-quarter-inch reinforcing rod from the ground in front our new home, I pulled "considerably too hard," dropped to the ground and almost lost consciousness. With my cellphone in my hand, I called 911 for help.

In just a few minutes, the Liberty Township EMS squad arrived and quickly we were on our way to Riverside Hospital, as was my cardiologist, Dr. Charles Mattingly, whom the EMS medics notified of my situation.

Several days later, after being discharged from Riverside Hospital's ICU, Dr. Mattingly shared with me that if the Liberty Township medics on duty that responded to my call had not analyzed the trauma quickly and administered a shot of "Clot Buster" on the way to the hospital, I would not have survived the clot-induced coronary.

Max W. Holzer