Upper Arlington

Perspective shows schools are special

To the editor:

For nearly 35 years, I have lived in Upper Arlington, where my sons attended Upper Arlington schools.

I also had the privilege to be a teacher in the district, retiring this past June. Thus, I have worn three hats: resident, parent and educator.

When my husband, Hap, and I moved to central Ohio from Maryland more than three decades ago, we chose to live in Upper Arlington because of the reputation and quality of the school system.

We were never disappointed. It truly was an honor to become part of the teaching staff. I saw firsthand the commitment and dedication of the educators in our district. It was always about a desire to provide a world-class education for all our students.

When I taught my third-graders about UA history, I requested my class generate a list of qualities that made Upper Arlington so special. Year after year, students would have the school system on top of their list.

Parents in our community care deeply about our schools -- consistently mentioned as to why they moved or returned to Upper Arlington. Our parent community is highly involved on a daily basis and is willing to volunteer and support everything our students are doing, in and out of the classroom.

In a few short years, my grandchildren will be old enough to attend UA schools. I want them to experience the same outstanding education my sons were fortunate enough to receive.

I urge all citizens in the community to vote "yes" for Issue 51, the Upper Arlington schools levy on Nov. 6. It is a vote for continued excellence and a vote to support the future of our great community.

Bonnie Emery
Upper Arlington