Upper Arlington

Vote for the future of UA students

To the editor:

A vote for Issue 51 is a vote for the future of students in Upper Arlington.

Some people may think of education as a cost, but I urge you to think of it as an investment. Historically, students graduating from the Upper Arlington schools have gone on to become caring citizens, productive workers and ultimately strengthen our local and state economy. Many students stay in or move back to Upper Arlington to work and raise their own families.

They do this because of the positive experience they had when they were children growing up in UA.

When you go to the polls on Nov. 6, consider how much our community will continue to benefit from a strongly supported school system, consistently regarded to be among the best in Ohio. Upper Arlington residents have a longstanding history of backing our schools and should recognize that the district has been financially prudent, extending a three-year levy to five years.

I encourage voters to continue to demonstrate our city is committed to providing children with the highest quality education available.

Let's make sure Upper Arlington's children are ready for tomorrow by providing them with the education they deserve today. Vote yes for Issue 51.

J.C. Benton
Upper Arlington