Upper Arlington

Good schools are an investment

To the editor:

Since King Thompson and his brother, Ben, began developing the community of Upper Arlington in 1913, it has been one of the most desirable locations for families.

Realtors will tell you that schools are one of the most important factors for buyers when deciding where to live. Therefore, property values are tied to the quality of a community's schools. Our district has achieved levels of success that few other districts in the nation can claim.

It is interesting to note that UA has a lower tax rate than Dublin, Bexley, New Albany, Worthington and Hilliard. If you lived in a comparably valued home in one of these communities, you would actually pay more in school taxes.

When people are buying a home, they not only want excellent schools, they want to know that the community will continue to support the schools and that the educational programs that attracted them to the community in the first place will not disappear. For nearly 20 years, UA residents have approved all operating levies placed on the ballot. Continue this stability by voting yes on Issue 51.

We have been residents of Upper Arlington for 42 years and Realtors for 25 and four years, respectively. Not only did our sons benefit from an excellent education, but our home has greatly appreciated in value. Your yes vote is an investment in your home's value, our community's future and continued excellence in our schools.

Dave and Sara McKinley
Upper Arlington