Upper Arlington

School district needs 'tough love'

To the editor:

I've lived in Upper Arlington most of my adult life. I've raised my children here and educated them in our schools and in the past, I've voted for many a school levy.

However, this time I must vote against this levy and its property tax increase. I get the unsettling sense that our teachers, our school administrators and our elected board of education members, the latter ostensibly elected to look out for the interests of the property owners, are more concerned about their compensation packages than regard for the cumulative effect of these property tax increases.

It is time to ask our teachers and especially our administrators to tighten the school district's belt by eliminating excesses like double pension pick-ups, side annuities. Teachers and administrators should share more in the costs of their health care.

It is OK to say no. Being a good parent requires parents to say no from time to time. Being a responsible taxpayer requires the same tough love.

Vote no on Issue 51; the school doors will still open the next day, no teacher will be furloughed and the discourse on how to achieve better educational value for the taxpayer's dollar can begin.

MaryRae Hayhurst
Upper Arlington