Visit North Invitational to see character development in motion

To the editor:

I am the vice president of the Westerville North Music Boosters, and I am writing to applaud the efforts of Dr. Good for demonstrating a balanced approach to the music program throughout the district.

The strong correlation between a student's participation in music programs and the improved academic achievement and positive character development has been repeatedly proven. Band students have find an amazing community of friends, which provide not only a trusting, safe environment to grow in but also memories that will last a lifetime. Having not participated in band myself as I was growing up, I am so happy they have the opportunity to be a part of such a wonderful positive group.

I credit the band family they are a part of to band, orchestra and marching band director, Mr. Jordi Vilanova. He consistently encourages students to be their best and under his leadership they want to be. This motivation comes from the respect Mr. Vilanova gives to his students and they in turn give to one another. The program he has developed and adapted through various restructurings, maintains long standing traditions while sustaining the quality of excellence expected by the Westerville community.

It is because of the immense dedication I see from Mr. Vilanova and the students themselves that I choose to support the Music Boosters and the marching band by sharing many of my volunteer hours with them.

I encourage all of you to support music program on Oct. 20 at the Jim McCann Stadium as Westerville North hosts its 2nd annual Marching Band Invitational. Please join the hundred-plus volunteers necessary to facilitate a successful event; follow Dr. Good's generous lead and sponsor a trophy, or simply come out to enjoy the music. There you will see the fine influence on character development that involvement in music has on our children and the great director that fosters it.

Tiffany Thompson