Support of schools is expression of pride

To the editor:

My children and grandchildren are grown, but as a longtime resident of Worthington, I can attest to the wonderful education while they attended the Worthington schools – from kindergarten through the 12th grade. They were well-prepared for college and successful careers when they graduated. I am supporting Issues 53 and 54 for the Worthington schools.

I like living in a community that takes pride in the fact that they live in school district that the state repeatedly gives an “excellent” rating to. I worry about our schools losing $10 million in funding from the state over a two-year period. The schools have made cuts already, including staff pay freezes and increases in employees’ health-care contributions. As an HR professional, I know the challenges of attracting, hiring and maintaining outstanding staff. I worry about jeopardizing the quality of our schools if we are unable to maintain these standards.

Issue 53, the operating levy on the ballot, is an incremental one and is necessary to preserve the ability to hire and maintain the very best teachers and programs.

Issue 54, the bond issue, would not institute any new taxes and would help keep our classroom technologically up to date. It also funds facility repairs and maintenance of the school buildings – a smart investment, especially when you consider that it involves no increase to our taxes.

By passing both issues – 53 and 54 – we can preserve the kind of high-quality education this community takes pride in and has come to expect from our schools.

Helen Chappelear