Upper Arlington

Teachers provide base for success

To the editor:

Four years ago, I came to the Ohio State University to pursue a degree in international studies. As a member of the Upper Arlington Marching Band, I also had the goal of dotting the "i" in Script Ohio on my mind.

In November, what once seemed only a far-off possibility will become a reality during pregame of the Ohio State-Michigan game. As that day draws near, I feel it is only appropriate to thank those who helped me reach this point.

In addition to family and close friends, there is one particular group of people without whom I would not be achieving my goals. Those people are my teachers. They work tirelessly every day, often without the thanks they deserve, to make sure that the students of the Upper Arlington City School District graduate with the necessary skills to be successful citizens.

However, their efforts are not limited to subjects such as language, arithmetic and science. They teach us about life. We learn about overcoming challenges and the value of hard work. Most importantly, they create an environment in which learning is not a chore -- it is a privilege.

As you make your decision regarding the upcoming election, I urge you to consider the impact your support for the schools of Upper Arlington has on students such as me.

My success is not just a product of my own actions, but is also a reflection of those Upper Arlington teachers who invested time and energy in me. Furthermore, it is a reflection of a community that supports those teachers.

So that current and future students may have an experience as rewarding as mine, vote yes on Issue 51.

Jocelyn Smallwood
Upper Arlington
Class of 2009