Upper Arlington

UA: There's no place like home

To the editor:

While they didn't issue ruby slippers with our Upper Arlington High School graduation caps, to some it must seem as if they did.

Many who grow up in UA wind up returning. Having spent all but seven years here, I am one of those people. UA's community pride makes it a place where many want to raise their own families. Keep UA that place by supporting the UA schools levy, Issue 51 on Nov. 6.

Why do we return to UA? Often it is not until we go away that we realize how special our community is -- the quality of people, the beautiful neighborhoods, the wonderful schools and the strong bonds. All these things draw us back to live in a community where our children have talented and caring teachers that cultivate student learning with resources that compete with the nation's best schools.

My husband John and I have sons at Barrington, Jones and UAHS, and all are thriving in the supportive learning environment. While we considered many options for their schooling, we have been thrilled with our decision to have them attend UA schools.

We aren't far enough along in our journey to know where life will take our boys, let alone if their "ruby slippers" will bring them back to Upper Arlington. But, we want UA to continue to be a place where they can choose to return if they wish and still find it to be a place like no other -- a place where the excellence of our schools sets us apart.

Please join us in voting yes on Issue 51.

Chrissie Landolfi
Upper Arlington