Orange Township

Rec center committee member's motives are pure

To the editor:

I would like to respond to a letter to the editor recently published in ThisWeek Olentangy Valley News regarding a potential Orange Township community center. That letter focused primarily on the motives behind Mark Robertson's public support of such a center. Mr. Robertson recently served on a steering committee that worked with consultants and our parks board for months on a community center needs analysis, which later provided recommendations to the trustees.

Mr. Robertson and I have definitely not always agreed on everything over the years, but one thing I can say with certainty is that his heart is always in the right place when it comes to Orange Township. During his time as a township trustee, he made tremendous strides to create amenities for our residents, including bike trails, and to make our community look nicer overall. In my opinion, the possibility of Orange Township building a community center (an issue upon which the trustees have not yet decided) has nothing to do with Mr. Robertson "seeking a handout" for his "personal recreation fund."

Composed of township residents, our parks board and the steering committee volunteered hundreds of hours of their personal time on behalf of our residents. I'm not sure how much Mr. Robertson's time is worth, but it's safe to say that he, along with all the other volunteers, spent quite a bit of it on this endeavor because they believe in bettering their community as a whole. I thank all of our volunteers for working so hard on behalf of their fellow citizens.

I am nowhere near to making up my mind on the community center issue and I need to get all the facts straight before I do, so I welcome as much input from the community as possible. However, I believe that irrelevant and personal attacks do nothing but waste time and energy, slow the decision-making process, and negatively disrupt our everyday lives. I suggest that we all try to work together and focus on the issues that are before us right now.

Lisa Knapp
Orange Township trustee