Small cost of levy would make big difference in city

To the editor:

As you prepare to cast your ballot this fall, I am asking for your support of the Powell capital improvement levy.

This levy will improve bike paths, parks, roads, traffic flow and our sewer system without increasing our taxes one penny. How? It's possible because we'd replace a 10-year levy for parks that expires just as this one would begin.

If we can each make a tiny personal contribution with our support, the funds raised will give Powell critical resources it needs to maintain and enhance what we all enjoy. So for what I'd spend for a cup of coffee at Starbucks or an ice cream cone at Jeni's each month, we'd have a chance to advance our quality of life in Powell.

That's an investment I can support, and I ask you vote for the Powell capital improvement levy on Nov. 6.

Denise Wible