Support for Worthington schools is investment in larger society

To the editor:

About four years ago, our family relocated from California to the Columbus area. It was hard deciding on a community because we have two daughters and one of our main concerns in choosing a neighborhood was quality of schools. We looked all over, and we decided on Worthington. We are happy with our decision. Not only are our kids getting an excellent education, but we also love our neighborhood.

I'm a stay-at-home mom, and our family is very budget-conscious, so we are wary of supporting any new taxes. But after careful consideration, I have decided to support Issues 53 and 54 for Worthington City Schools. Here's why:

First, I have observed -- both here and in California -- that communities that do not support their school system quickly become less desirable places to live.

Second, consistent community support of schools makes them more sought-after places for teachers to work. Excellent teachers gravitate toward excellent schools. Teacher quality is positively correlated to students' success, which contributes to the overall success of a community.

The bottom line for me is that supporting our schools is both a direct and indirect investment in the larger society. I believe that the risks of not supporting these two issues far outweigh the risks of supporting them, and I will vote accordingly this November.

I hope my friends and neighbors in Worthington join me in voting for Issues 53 and 54.

Suzanne Kupperstein