I enjoy seeing all the signs around Worthington supporting tax levies 53 and 54.

To the Editor:

I enjoy seeing all the signs around Worthington supporting tax levies 53 and 54.

The signs talk about saving the schools, but I think they should really be stating saving the status quo. The status quo is the sweetheart relationship between the board and the union when it comes to salaries and benefits. The school board talks about how it has saved money and has been prudent with funding. I am reminded of that when I get the full-color brochure in my mailbox, letting me know what a great job they are doing. There is something that can be cut out, and I recall that the only time I get it is when the board wants more tax dollars.

We all want good schools. The problem is that the school board is afraid to confront the teachers union and get wages and benefits into a realistic cost structure.

What needs to be done is that teachers, like the rest of society, need to work until they are 65 before they can begin to get their retirement. What is wrong with that idea since they work around 72 percent of the time that the average person works in a year. The school board needs to push for rewarding good teachers and eliminating those who underperform. I surely don't have any issue with paying the best teachers more than the average teacher. In Worthington, with the median salary of $75,000, that would be around $105,000 for someone who works the entire year, so they are doing fairly well at the present time.

Until the school board addresses the 800-pound gorilla in the room, they have no right to come and ask for additional taxes. Therefore until the board starts addressing the salary-and-benefits issue across the board, the public should support only Issue 54.

We cannot continue to support a program that is not addressing the core problem. The board is not being responsible, threatening to cut programs for our kids without really addressing the problem. This is not an issue about teachers; it is about how to better manage the entire Worthington school program, and for right now, I think the board has a grade of D.

Rob Brown