Commentary has been offered on both sides of the upcoming school levy known as Issue 51.

To the Editor:

Commentary has been offered on both sides of the upcoming school levy known as Issue 51.

The pro-levy group's argument engages primarily in "happy-talk" testimonials that use words like "great schools, world class education, investment our children's future, pride," etc.

While this "happy-talk" feels good to hear, it is not what Issue 51 is about.

The "It's OK to Say No" group, on the other hand, talks in terms of facts. They understand what Issue 51 is about: the cost of our schools and how extravagant those costs are when measured against similar school districts.

The reason the UA schools exhibit high academic excellence is not necessarily about high-quality teachers, although important! It is about the fact our schools are given a quality product -- namely, our children. This product comes to the schools from loving, nurturing homes with an environment that fosters and promotes the importance of education.

Additionally, our kids are reasonably well-disciplined and show up in the classroom with many academic skills. Who couldn't get results from this matrix?

In 2013, UA will begin negotiations for a new school contract. Between school management and the teachers union, who will have the superior negotiating position? Will it be the school board with a fat bank account from a "yes" vote on Issue 51 or a wise negotiating team that enters the process with a "zero balance" in their bank account?

As a final comment, I submit to you, the taxpayers in Upper Arlington, that there is no prestige in overpaying for anything. Our teachers and our administrators are paid very well. They have health care benefits the rest of us can only imagine and they retire at twice the income of private-sector workers.

Think about it. I suggest you vote "no" on Issue 51.

George Momirov
Upper Arlington