Issue 51 is more than just money.

To the Editor:

Issue 51 is more than just money.

I agree with part of the EducateUA concerns in that yes, money is one of the problems. However, various external interest groups are creating many of these and other problems. These groups are not friendly to public education.

A no vote will not correct the external forces that are effecting UA schools. Yes, these need to be addressed elsewhere.

I retired from UA 25 years ago, where I taught mathematics, and since continued to teach math at OSU, CSCC and Otterbein. When an Upper Arlington student attended one of my classes, they were always one of the top students.

The three things I attribute to this are:

* Their parents had the desire for the best education and expected it.

* The students were mature and came to class prepared.

* The students had been taught the concepts of math correctly because of their knowledgeable instructors. (I did not have re-teach the concepts that were previously incorrectly taught.)

These qualities were obtained by supporting public education in Upper Arlington.

For these reasons, I am asking you to vote "yes" with me on Issue 51.

Peter A. Steva
Upper Arlington