I would like to respond to Jim Hitt's letter of Sept. 27 regarding the UA school levy.

To the Editor:

I would like to respond to Jim Hitt's letter of Sept. 27 regarding the UA school levy.

I disagree with Mr. Hitt on several levels. I currently have three children in the UA system and have been married to a teacher in the system for 23 years. (In the interest of full disclosure, my wife has held several full-time positions, but is currently in a part-time position.)

I can honestly say at no time during her time in the system did my wife ever receive anything close to the 18 percent compensation increase referenced by Mr. Hitt. Generally, her compensation increase ranged between 0-1 percent.

He concludes his letter by saying that regardless of the levy passing or failing, per-student spending will remain the same. He fails to mention that due to state cuts, the system will lose $2.65 million in funding that must be accounted for somehow.

In terms of worth, I am not sure what point Mr. Hitt is trying to make. He cites an average of $104,000 a year in annual total compensation for teachers, which includes all benefits. My question to Mr. Hitt is, what is the appropriate amount of compensation for professionals with advanced degrees whom we trust to educate and care for our children for eight hours per day?

I would ask the same question about administrators, who not only are charged with the same trust, but are asked to watch manage multi-million dollar budgets. Many of these dedicated professionals could make more in the private sector, yet they are applying their talents to educating our children.

I, for one, have no problem paying more for the top-quality teachers and administrators we have in our district.

Mark MacNaughton
Upper Arlington