Upper Arlington

Saving time not worth a tragedy

To the editor:

I have occasion to drive near Tremont Elementary School with some regularity.

Almost every time I drive past, I see at least one parent, grandparent\ or caregiver crossing Tremont Road with one or more small, non-school age children in tow. The problem is that they are crossing in the middle of the street with two crosswalks and a crossing light within 30 feet. They are also stepping out from between cars lining both sides of the street.

Apparently this practice is not restricted to just Tremont Elementary School. The topper came as I was driving east on Fishinger Road, just past "Five Points" and a bank. There waited a grandmother with two small children in a stroller, waiting for a clearing in the traffic so she could dash across the busy five- lane street instead of taking a few extra minutes to use the crosswalks and crossing lights directly at "Five Points."

Q: Would I get a ticket if I did not observe the 20 MPH school zone?

A: You betcha!

Q: If I were the person to hit a child being crossed in this way, how soon would I forget the vision and the screams?

A: Never.

Q: If you are one of these adults, do you feel it is worth saving a few minutes time, at the cost of losing one of the precious children in your care?

A: Only you can answer absolutely not.

Jeanne L. Stancel
Upper Arlington