Upper Arlington

School programs need re-evaluated

To the editor:

After the Nov. 6 voting results, we awake to a new paradigm in Upper Arlington.

The voters have finally shown their desire for fiscally responsible education. The message is clear. Upper Arlington voters want a good education at a competitive cost per student. It is time for the school board to remove the blinders and take an unbiased look into the programs offered.

We must continue to provide assistance to those students needing extra help to become productive members of society, but need all other programs to be evaluated for redundancies and costs. The dual platform system in many of the schools needs to be evaluated to determine what redundancies exist as a result of offering both platforms.

Programs that are "nice" to have need to stand on their own financial merits. Emotions need to be put aside and unbiased financial evaluation of the entire district needs to occur.

Simply cutting heads by a given percent is not the long-term answer. Only a complete evaluation of the district as a whole will provide a solution the voters in the district can stand behind.

Joe Spencley
Upper Arlington