New Albany

District grateful for Issue 50 approval

To the editor:

I am profoundly grateful to New Albany voters for their support of Issue 50 and to John McClelland, his leadership team and the volunteers who gave their time and talents to the effort.

It was a long three weeks between Election Day and the day that voters learned the final outcome of New Albany-Plain Local School District's combined bond and operating levy request. The wait provided ample time for humble reflection.

We are a community willing to make a significant investment in education. Our neighbors, including many who do not have children attending our schools, place a high priority on preparing our youth for a successful future. Most make this choice at some level of personal sacrifice. No one enjoys paying higher taxes.

We are a community that demands a high return on our invested dollars. We are satisfied only when improved student achievement is achieved in concert with conservative and transparent fiscal management. We want the district to assertively manage expenses, finding creative ways to stretch available resources while delivering an excellent program for students.

We are a community that expects our leaders to communicate effectively, listening as well as talking, while respecting divergent viewpoints. We want to be regularly informed and we expect access to decision-makers. The overwhelming response to the campaign's telephone town halls demonstrated how interested our neighbors are in our schools.

The district will move forward quickly thanks to your support. We will do so with careful stewardship of your tax dollars in a spirit of openness and inclusion. We won a close election, but will continue to work to earn your trust and confidence while building support for the district's vision and mission.

Laura Kohler
school board president