Theft adds to family's grief

To the Editor:

I am the mother of Javonte Clanton. My son was a very well-known basketball player who died March 18, 2009, in a car accident when he feel asleep at the wheel of his car after he had played in a game in Atlanta.

I put a grave blanket on his grave every year around Thanksgiving. This year, on Nov. 20 at approximately 3 p.m., me, my mother and my daughter went to Glen Rest Estates located on East Main Street in Reynoldsburg and placed his grave blanket on his grave.

I returned on Thanksgiving morning at approximately 11 a.m. and found that his grave blanket had been stolen.

The last three years, I have noticed that flowers had been missing as well. This is a heartbreaking situation to go through. Placing that grave blanket is the one thing that I can do for my son at Christmastime and someone takes it.

To many, it may be just a grave blanket, but I take time and care in preparing his blankets every year. I put decorations on it and me, my mom, my son and daughter place individual ornaments on the blanket which represent our gifts to him.

I am asking that if anyone has seen something or knows anything about this to please come forward. If someone knows of this happening to another family, speak up, because it is a heartbreaking experience to have to go through something like this.

Sharonda Clanton