I was astonished when the levy for the Liberty Township Fire Department did not pass.

To the Editor:

I was astonished when the levy for the Liberty Township Fire Department did not pass. Residents of the community can't help but be aware of their presence and the excellent service that they provide. Nonetheless, a certain slim majority prevailed and the levy failed, so it will now appear as an emergency levy on the Feb. 5 ballot.

People do not realize that the fire department is funded primarily by the tax generated by the levy.

Without this funding, the fire department goes away -- immediately. Residents of Liberty Township and Powell will then be forced to rely on the response of neighboring fire departments who may be otherwise engaged, and are not able to respond as quickly. That will only last so long, until the neighboring fire departments become less than willing to help a community who cannot reciprocate.

There are a number of other factors to consider when one explores the possibility of losing the community's fire department, far too many and involved to outline here. A committee was formed to support passage of the levy and it has set up a website to help voters decide to vote "yes" for passage of the levy Feb. 5. The website is saveourservices. info.

The bottom line is life and the preservation of property. Time is the issue, paralleled by quality of service. With the Liberty Township Fire Department in our community, we have both. I would not be writing this letter had they not promptly come to my aid and administered excellent medical care when I experienced life-threatening complications following open heart surgery. For this service, I paid about $500 in taxes that year. What is having excellent fire and EMS service worth to you? Are you willing to let it go away?

David Moeslein