Would-be Santa thwarted by Tyler Run's 'holiday party'

To the Editor:

We are writing as concerned and angry grandparents. Parent volunteers were invited to plan and attend this year's Christmas party for the kids at Tyler Run Elementary School, which our grandkid attends.

Did I dare say Christmas? A thousand pardons, it was for a holiday party.

During an early planning meeting, our son mentioned that he had a Santa Claus suit. The volunteer parents were delighted that our son could be the surprise Santa during the party.

But then he made the mistake of calling the school to inform Principal Jennifer Mazza he would be appearing at the Tyler Run door, dressed as Santa. As everyone, even Santa as it should be, has to be buzzed into the school, he thought it was the prudent thing to call ahead, considering recent events in Connecticut.

Well, all bah humbug broke out. Mazza almost choked on her cup of political correctness. He was told he couldn't wear a Santa Claus suit in the school -- that it was inappropriate because it was a "holiday" party. To further demonstrate how much political correctness has invaded our school systems, Mazza made the suggestion that perhaps our son could wear a snowflake suit instead.

I would challenge Mazza to give any kind of plausible rationale as to how Santa could in any way be construed as a religious figure or inappropriate presence at a holiday party. Has anyone ever heard of an incidence when Santa Claus read a verse from the Bible before he gave kids their presents?

Unless things have changed that drastically, certainly all children, whether black, white, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist or whatever, like Santa Claus. Even we adults who don't believe in Old Saint Nick enjoy him showing up at parties and events at Christmas.

Mazza deprived the Tyler Run students of enjoying a tradition others have enjoyed for many years past.

Steve and Linda Hyle