Memorial hall's Taylor praised for service

To the Editor:

Worthington is fortunate that Dr. Cal Taylor's qualities of integrity, perseverance, courage and strength guided him while leading the restoration of one of the largest historic buildings in Worthington: Sharon Memorial Hall.

Dr. Taylor, a retired lieutenant colonel in the U.S. Army, was the impetus in establishing successful strategies and projects that saved the veterans memorial hall from further deterioration. Without his leadership, knowledge and extraordinary efforts, including more than 2,700 labor-intensive hours, today's memorial would be inconceivable.

Now that Dr. Taylor's term as memorial board president comes to an end, the hall is 100 percent leased and is a vibrant memorial that typifies American ideals of free enterprise, exploration and knowledge.

Perhaps there is no better way to honor the sacrifices of our veterans than through a living memorial that exemplifies such tenets of our society.

Please join us in saluting Dr. Taylor for his dedicated service to our community. It is because of him that the hall will stand tall for future generations.

Duncan Aukland, Sheila Bagley, Sean Buckley, Bob Chosy, Trina Dunlap, Larry France, John Haueisen, Steffanie Haueisen, Ed Johnston, Pastor Greg and Jenny Miller, Harvey Minton, Jane Minton, June Mollica, John Mueller, Jutta Pegues, Arleen Resnick, Sol Resnick, Marty Shumway, Patti Stokes and Jim Ventresca