Liberty Township

Township dangerously close to demise of fire department

To the Editor:

I can't imagine what my life would be like if my family were ripped apart by tragedy. Car accidents, medical emergencies and fires tear apart loved ones every single day -- I am sure you know of at least one person that has been affected by one of the aforementioned.

Fortunately, the township that I live in has some of the most well-trained, highly certified EMS and fire personnel in Ohio, having earned EMS Provider of the Year in 2011.

Unfortunately, shameful politics are threatening to take this safety net away from us. I have seen plenty of tragedy within this community, including fatal car accidents and suicide.

As a junior nursing student earning my BSN and an STNA in a nursing home and rehabilitation center, I have also seen the aftermath of horrific strokes and heart attacks. Those patients I came into close contact with who have suffered medical emergencies such as these have shared that they thought it "would never happen to them," if they could still even speak at all.

To think that we are on the verge of irresponsibly tossing away a resource that may be someone's lifeline -- maybe even your lifeline someday -- is utterly absurd. The Liberty Township Fire Department will be closing. We will not have services.

There is a difference between a first responder that can do CPR and Basic Life Support, and someone who is ACLS- and PALS-certified, which includes life-saving emergency medication administration during your cardiac arrest. And if you didn't know that there are different types of medics, I wish you would look into it, and look into all of the "above-and-beyond" certifications our lifelines in Liberty Township have taken the time to earn.

In order to save such a talented and necessary fire department, please vote now at the early voting center, as it is already open, for the Liberty Township fire levy so you don't miss your chance.

Kirstin Bennehoof