Collaboration of townships' fire forces leaves resident grateful

To the Editor:

On Nov. 28, my wife and I were enjoying a post-Thanksgiving get-together with a friend at a restaurant in Clintonville when I received a heart-stopping phone call from our security company. A fire had been detected at our home and the fire department had been notified.

After my initial shock had subsided, I told my wife and our friend the news as I hurriedly grabbed my coat and headed north. We had all driven separately, so I was alone in my thoughts about the incident. Halfway home, I thought to call our next-door neighbor to see if he could save our dog.

When I arrived home, there were several emergency vehicles in the driveway along with a deputy sheriff. As I approached the house, terror turned to relief, which turned to joy. My next-door neighbor and the firemen were in the kitchen comforting our 14-year-old dog that had been frightened by all the activity.

Fortunately, there were no flames, and what could have been extensive smoke damage from a possible kitchen fire was avoided due to the quick response of my neighbor. The first responders allowed him to unlock the door before using more-aggressive means to enter the premises. Once inside, they conducted a thorough inspection of the premise and opened doors and window to assist in the evacuation of the smoke.

The calming professionalism displayed by the firemen is what I most remember about that evening. I also remember having to confess that I left the burner on.

Fate was at work that evening. The engine company that responded was actually Orange Township and the chief from Liberty Township. Such cooperation will be nonexistent if we citizens don't support those who support us 24 hours a day.

Wayne M. Lane