Delaware County

SOS campaign shares facts about Liberty Township levy

To the Editor:

Residents of Liberty Township and Powell have formed a grass-roots fire levy campaign to help the public understand the facts of the Feb. 5 special election. The Save Our Services fire levy campaign is dedicated to informing the public in a nonpartisan way, because for us, this is not a political race -- this is a race to save our services.

After hours and hours of interviewing township employees, Delaware County officials and other professionals in the industry, the SOS campaign is confident that the facts we are sharing with the public are accurate.

The SOS campaign would like voters to consider the following when going to the polls Feb. 5:

* 96 percent of the operating funding will come from this five-year, 5.6-mill levy. We can't have a local fire department without funding.

* If the levy is voted down, both fire stations will close and all employees will be laid off

* The levy will cost the owner of a $300,000 home just $7 more per month than the expired 2007 levy. That five-year tax, which will be collected beginning in 2014, will be allocated over six years, making the effective tax rate the same as the expired 2007 levy.

* The average response time for the LTFD is 4 minutes and 41 seconds. That average increases by 67 percent when requesting help from outside sources.

* Our award-winning fire/EMS department provides the highest level of service to 30,000 residents, including 6,400 students in eight public schools, across 34 square miles of territory.

* There has been a 20 percent reduction in the fire department's workforce as a result of the failed November levy.

It speaks volumes that a group of township and Powell residents have come together to provide voters with the facts. All three township trustees and all seven Powell City Council members support this fire levy as well.

We urge voters to seek out the facts at our website, It is packed with useful information about the levy as well as early voting information.

You can also find us on the web at LibertyPowellFireLevy2012 and follow us on Twitter @SOSFireLevy.

It is important to Save Our Services and keep local fire and EMS service in our community. Please vote for the fire levy Feb. 5.

Jim Cirigliano
and Becca Mount
co-chairmen, Save Our Services