Liberty Township

Township medics' heroism proven during emergencies

To the Editor:

I want to speak to the residents of Liberty Township on behalf of our emergency services and confirm how blessed we are to have these amazing people here to help us. We have needed them several times; it was five minutes or less for the police, emergency squad and the fire truck to arrive.

We are an older couple. My husband fell off a ladder; we thought he broke his back. Another time, we thought he was having a heart attack. Another time, a deer jumped out in front of him and smashed his car -- we thought he had another heart attack.

All of those times the squad got him to the hospital faster than I could get there.

I, myself, had two squad rides to Riverside recently to discover I had blood clots in my lungs. I got another squad ride a couple weeks ago when I fell, following knee surgery. The EMTs were my best friend by the time we got to Riverside! I had no fear. I knew I was in good hands.

I just want you all to remember that these especially blessed people are all so special and awesome. It could have been my child or your relative who was not as fortunate as we were. Many lives count on these emergency services. Often, they put themselves in danger to protect us.

Their families must be so proud of them. My family and I are equally proud of them and so thankful they are there when needed. My heroes!

Terri Norris Bischoff