Delaware County

What if no one answered your call for help? Let's not find out

To the Editor:

The previously failed fire levies in Liberty and Orange townships have resulted in fewer well-manned units with longer response times, which can degrade timely quality of pre-hospital care received that can directly affect the patient's long-term survivability of their medical emergency depending on its severity.

A failed Liberty Township fire levy will result in the loss of their fire department, which is the immediate first-responding company for the Columbus Zoo in any fire or \emergency. In Orange Township, a failed levy will result in a degraded response to emergencies in their area of responsibility.

Proper funding provides well-trained professional firefighters who respond with up-to-date, well-maintained apparatus when called upon to help keep our communities safe. What if there was a fire or emergency medical situation and nobody responded to your call?

Whether you vote early at the Delaware County Board of Developmental Disabilities, 149 E. Orange Road in Lewis Center, or Feb. 5, vote to support your emergency services by voting "yes" for the Liberty Township or Orange Township fire levies on the ballot.

Dan Meyersburg