The Silo project should be 'scaled back'

To the Editor:

A friend recently brought The Silo project to my attention, and I must say that after looking at the specs, I have a few issues with it.

First of all, it is really big: four stories tall, with 183 apartments and businesses, including Starliner Diner.

I think it is out of scale with the surrounding area. These structures will tower over the surrounding neighborhoods.

Then there are the issues of parking and traffic.

You can probably figure on at least 300 cars for the apartments alone. Starliner packs them in, too.

So now you have the parking lot pretty packed, and the surrounding streets -- Franklin and Luxair, Norwich, Main and others -- will be even more backed up and busy.

There are also the issues of noise pollution, light pollution and property value impact on properties bordering the development.

Have city officials addressed these issues? When they say the roads are adequate for accommodating the traffic, have they actually experienced this area around rush hour? Do they live here? Can they even fill these properties, while others sit vacant? If not, then what?

It is my opinion that it needs to be scaled back to better fit the area. Four-story apartment buildings are not the way to go in Old Hilliard.

Patrick Tharp