Mifflin Township

Mifflin joins others in recognizing Ohio Township Day

To the Editor:

Mifflin Township, which serves Gahanna and 11 adjacent miles of unincorporated area, joined Ohio's 1,308 townships in recognizing Ohio Township Day on Feb. 1. Ohio House Bill 652, enacted in 1998, designated Feb. 1 as Ohio Township Day.

This day has been set aside to recognize the hard work and dedication of township trustees and fiscal officers who promote grassroots government. Townships throughout the state -- being the first form of government in Ohio -- serve nearly 40 percent of Ohio's population. Road maintenance, fire and police protection, zoning, cemeteries and waste disposal are examples of only a few of a township's responsibilities, which are governed by the Ohio Revised Code.

Mifflin Township has four elected officials who are all Gahanna residents: Trustees Richard Angelou, Joe Spanovich and Lynn Stewart and Fiscal Officer Nancy White. Timothy Taylor of northwest Columbus was named Mifflin's new fire chief in June 2012. Taylor oversees a fire division that serves Gahanna and the unincorporated area of Mifflin Township, whereas the police department provides services only in the unincorporated area. The township's budget is managed by the elected officials and a lean staff of three department heads and two full-time and three part-time office employees.

The township trustees hired me in January 2013 as one of its part-time employees to serve as a public information officer because they are committed to help educate township residents about the services Mifflin provides and promote a transparent understanding of township government.

My first two weeks on the job have included spending time with the fire and police chiefs to learn the ins and outs of fire and police protection offered by the township and a tour of the impressive Metropolitan Emergency Communications Center -- a one-of-a-kind cooperative effort to efficiently spend taxpayers' dollars. I am impressed by the commitment and dedication of the Mifflin elected officials and staff and am honored and excited to be a Mifflin employee.

In recognition of Ohio Township Day, I encourage readers to visit the Mifflin Township website at miftwp.org, which soon will be revamped to include more timely updates and information.

Feel free to call me at 614-471-4494, ext. 24, or email brunol@miftwp.org if I can be of service or answer any questions about to Mifflin Township.

Lynn Bruno Smith
Public information officer
Mifflin Township