Dovewood resident thankful for outpouring of support

To the Editor:

Thanks so much for all of the responses I received from my letter regarding Dovewood Drive. Many residents, from Patricia Belba to Jewelie Hall, wrote letters and came to my home to offer support and encouragement.

I was hurt and upset when the police were called due to my husband and son working on a car. Someone flattened the tires, keyed the side of the car and wrote a nasty letter that was placed on my door. I was angry but most of all hurt.

The outpouring of love made me feel accepted and trumped hate with love. I was able to meet new people. I talked with two ladies over the phone -- one for two hours. I made new friends, started new relationships. These relationships reach beyond Dovewood Drive. We still have no idea who called the police on us for committing this "violent crime." We no longer care.

The past two weeks have confirmed what I have been taught for almost 40 years: They will know we are Christians by our love.

Rasha Williams-Hoosier