'Yes' vote by no means equals solidarity with township trustee

To the Editor:

Regarding the successful fire levy vote Feb. 5, Liberty Township Trustee Melanie Leneghan remarked in the Feb. 7, 2013, edition of ThisWeek Olentangy Valley News, "As the only trustee who advocated for and recommended this funding level since levy talks began in early 2012, I'm very happy that the residents of Liberty Township have once again agreed with me."

As a Liberty Township resident, I want to be very clear that my "yes" vote Feb. 5 did not mean I agree with Ms. Leneghan, and I very much disagree with her opposition to the fall levy. She campaigned for a fire department like that in Violet Township, and since I desire more complete and superior services to those in Violet Township, I voted for the fall levy.

The cutbacks that she forced through her opposition to the fall levy are not good for our protective fire services, nor the morale of the firefighters. We now have a "bare-bones" fire department with inadequate future funding.

I also note that approximately only 3,000 residents found the time to vote on this issue Feb. 5 -- hardly a mandate to proclaim " ... the residents of Liberty Township have once again agreed with me."

I'll work to see that she is not elected again to serve in her current capacity, as I'm stunned an elected official would advocate for reduced protective services.

T.K. Cellar