We have a problem, Whitehall.

To the Editor:

We have a problem, Whitehall. There is a two-tiered hierarchy in our city that has created a sense of entitlement among longstanding citizens and their progeny.

Questionable ethics, criminal behavior, entitlements, legal harassment, cronyism -- we've seen it all. It has corrupted generation after generation of our youth. And by their silence or their support, many more of these lifers are enablers of a system run amok.

The Howard family drama is just the latest in a long line of heirs to the tradition.

We can no longer explain this away as "just Whitehall politics." It's much more than that. I urge you to stand up to this 1950s-style political machine that continues to rob us of our full potential. If not for themselves, the Whitehall residents need to do this for their children and their children's children.

We are better than this.

Jacquelyn K. Thompson