Norwich Township

Township officials are good stewards of tax money

To the Editor:

As 35-year residents of Norwich Township, my family and I support the township's May 7 fire levy request for two reasons.

First, living on Hayden Run Road before the improvements, a car was totaled about every two months for 20 years. In that time, we witnessed the improvements in timing and quality of aid given by the township fire department.

Today, if my family needed this type of help, these are the people I would want to see. They deserve our support.

Second, as an architect for 41 years, I have participated in the design of many safety buildings, including two in Norwich Township.

In the local projects, I have rarely been challenged to do more with less. The stewardship of tax dollars is unsurpassed. Township officials always used the dollars wisely, providing the best value for the community.

I pay these taxes and I believe they were invested with such care.

The township deserves our support.

Bob Apel
Norwich Township