Tim Hortons 'no' was another bad council decision

To the Editor:

It's so good to know that Westerville City Council can be counted on to make the wrong choice. They make made poor choices, but do it consistently!

When a mega-retailer expressed a wish to invade our community, bringing low prices, unfair competition, and increased traffic to the city's busiest intersection, City Council turned a deaf ear to the loud chorus of citizens who wanted no part of this retail juggernaut. They let them come right in!

City Council has made sure open, undeveloped green space was filled with high density condo complexes or "high end" retail space, even though there are far too many overstuffed condo properties and there is not one retail strip in Westerville that doesn't have vacancies.

But when a business offers to make a derelict property on Cleveland Avenue function again -- turn an empty eyesore of a building into a busy Tim Hortons location that the neighborhood residents actually want -- council says no way!

Our City Council -- making our community better by listening to their own whims -- and the money driven agenda of property developers. Average citizens need not express an opinion, it won't be heeded anyway.

Mark Passerrello