This month is National Social Work Month.

To the Editor:

This month is National Social Work Month. March 19 marks World Social Work Day. Social workers build relationships and care. When times are tough, social workers step up to help. Nearly all of us will need a social worker sometime in life.

But what exactly do social workers do? Our jobs are as diverse as the people we serve.

Some of us are child and family social workers. We advocate for abused and neglected children. We work with parents, older adults, homeless people, refugees and immigrants.

Some of us are school social workers. We help facilitate communication and deal with behavior issues, learning differences and social problems (violence, bullying and shyness).

Some of us are medical social workers. We connect people who are sick or who have ongoing health issues to support services. We also teach and lead groups.

Some of us are policy social workers. We assess needs, create policies and develop programs to protect people who cannot advocate for themselves. We are activists for human rights and social justice.

Some of us are clinical social workers. We engage and empower people who have experienced trauma and loss, anxiety and depression, relationship difficulties, addictions and other challenges in life.

You will find us serving in jails, in clinics, homes, hospitals, courtrooms, private offices, the legislature, schools, assisted-living facilities and universities. We are caseworkers, psychotherapists, administrators, policymakers, researchers and educators.

Please join me in celebrating social workers today. All it takes is a moment of reflection and gratitude for those who care and will always care for you.

Deb Schneider-Murphy