Benefits of bond issue extend far beyond school district alone

To the Editor:

My letter comes to you in support of the current Delaware City Schools bond issue, not only as a father of two children in the school district but also as a local business owner.

People need to understand the importance of passing this issue, which will allow the schools not only to accommodate current enrollment but also allow for future growth of the schools and the city of Delaware. School attendance continues to grow in the realm of close to 1,500 new students since the last new classroom space was constructed; the issue with this is classroom size and teacher-to-student ratio. The passage of the bond issue will allow the district to make necessary additions and renovations to existing buildings, which will allow for student success.

Good schools lead to additional home sales, job creation, increases in property value and overall support of the city of Delaware.

The faculty and staff continue to do their job as Delaware City Schools has earned Ohio's highest academic rating, "Excellent with Distinction." Let's allow them to continue to teach our children in an environment that will benefit us all. After all, the children are our future.

Please support the Delaware City Schools bond issue May 7.


Casey W. King