Bond issue inexpensive way to help our children succeed

To the Editor:

As the parent of two children in the Delaware City Schools, I am writing to raise awareness of the upcoming bond issue on the May 7 ballot. Our school system needs space, and to create that space, we need everyone in the school system to vote "yes" for this issue.

Our buildings are bursting at the seams. Currently, the schools are using seven trailers for classroom space, and some classes are being conducted with portable carts in the hallways or common areas. We've added 1,400 new students to the district since the last building was opened 12 years ago, and enrollment is expected to continue to climb.

If we want our teachers to continue doing a great job with our kids, and if we want our kids to have a positive environment in which to learn, we need to invest in our schools. We're not talking about a huge investment here. If you own a $100,000 home, your taxes will increase only $5 per month. That's $5 a month to add much-needed classroom space to every school in the district. This sounds like a fantastic bargain to me.

As a mom, I spend most of my waking hours guiding and hopefully molding my kids into individuals who will be compassionate, hard-working adults who will contribute to our community in positive ways. Five dollars a month seems like a worthy investment to make toward building a better future for our kids and our community.

Twenty years from now, when my friends and I are approaching retirement age, I want to feel confident that we as a community did all we could to ensure that the future of Delaware is in good hands; that the next generation of nurses, teachers, bankers and business owners are well-educated and prepared to step into our shoes and continue making Delaware a great place to live. Please vote "yes" for Delaware City Schools and give our kids and our community a brighter future.

Denise Kilton