Council stretches budget to protect seniors' independence

To the Editor:

The talk this year is all about taxes and government budgets, or so it seems.

The upcoming election this May draws our attention to the need to have our local tax dollars used efficiently, effectively and responsibly. The senior services levy is one of the best examples of a tax levy that has all those qualities.

Funds from this levy make it possible for older members of our community to remain in their homes even when they are no longer able to perform many of their own household tasks. Older adults are not forced to go into institutions just because they can no longer cook a meal or give themselves a bath. Families have assistance in locating responsible caregivers and services. Costs of services are shared between the recipient and the Council for Older Adults so that the levy funds are stretched to help many individuals. Administrative costs of the program are less than 10 percent, preserving more than 90 percent of the agency's income for direct services for the elderly.

Independence, safety and dignity are valued and preserved. Isn't that what we all want in our later years?

We are a fortunate county to have such a system available to our families, to our neighbors and to ourselves. Voting for the senior services levy assures that we will not lose this valuable community resource.


Sue Packard